Extra special thanks to everyone who truly supports the "Affiliated Gentleman" movement. I didn't create this brand with a singular focus in mind. I wanted to show kids and young men it is OK to be a gentleman. I want to show them that it's OK to not walk around with mayhem on your mind all day, disrespecting women who show no interest, and more importantly, killing your brother. Conflict resolution is OK. Having a plan for your life, treating people with respect, and learning how to break generational curses and trauma is OK. Being a stand up individual that doesn't plot and steal from others is OK. Not being a savage is OK.

Every month, AFFILIATED GENTLEMAN curates’ unique items and products. Created in 2021, we are your daily fix for trendy and fashionable products. Our catalog is based on MENSWEAR. We take pride in delivering premium, high quality and affordable products.

Affiliated Gentleman is also producing a podcast of the same name along with hosting seminars and round tables that focus on ways to reach young people. Lastly, a portion of the proceeds from everything sold with the "Affiliated Gentleman" tag will go towards curbing gun violence in communities across the United States. We will lead with our actions and officially become the BIG homies we needed growing up! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

- Jay Teno, CEO/Founder